Sunday, February 19, 2006


When I was surfing the internet, I stumble across a preety site. E-BAY. the world renound site for bidding and getting stuff. I then went to Malaysia E-BAY and go to the wierd stuff section. This is what I find. Two books about sex and a clay mug with a Penis shaped handle

MYR 4.99
Ends 24-02-2006 10:41:13 AM MYT
Item description:
*Due to some adult contents you must be 18+ to purchase this EBook*This ebook is written by Anne Hooper, a noted sex therapist, it highlights sexual techniques and interprets ancient wisdom for today's lovers. etc.

E BOOK: Sex positions 140 PAGES OF PDF
MYR 4.99
Ends 24-02-2006 12:05:10 PM MYT
Item description:
The missionary is the most commonly adopted lovemaking position, because it is so comfortable, but there are many different ways of enjoying each other's bodies, and each of the positions illustrated on the next pages may suggest another into which you can move. etc.

'Unique' Mug
MYR 25.00
Ends 24-02-2006 11:13:04 AM MYT
Item description:
-Penis shaped handle, clay mug. -decorative item purchased in russia. -never seen it being sold in malaysia. -extremely rare. -ideal gift to joke or fool around. -item in perfect condition, no chips or cracks. -item is exactly as in the picture. -no international bidders please. strictly on c.o.d basis. meet ups in pj or kl area.

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