Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Be Aware Of Branded Name that SUCKS(and also fake).

This is a true story from a friend of a friend of a friend of a friend nephew of mine. One day, he went to a store in town to seek for some toys. Suddenly he stumble across some pack of a branded name toys that is very famous all over the world. With the joy in his heart he bought it and went home. Ok, the toy that he bought is actually '1:32 mini 4wd series' a.k.a 'mini car' in some places. At a reasonable price too, only cost him RM 10 from what he actually have to pay for the real brand. And it stated at the cover "clear speacial-Orange". But when he arrive home and open the package to start assembling it, he was shock to see that it is not "clear speacial-Orange" at all. And the worst thing is that after it has been assemble, the performance sucks.
Actually, the names are being cloned or the culprit of this story used the branded name(and also logo) to gain more money @ profit. For the expert @ old timer in this kind of stuff, they would know from the first glance that the branded item is a fake.
This is what those people who buy this fake item do not know. After one fake mini car is sold to the customer, the shop manager @ owner will call the 'B@STARD Mastermind' of this scheme that an item has been sold and maybe asking for more.
And the branded name that is being fake is TAMIYA. I don't say that TAMIYA is the bad one, But with this going around, the good name will be foil.

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