Sunday, March 18, 2007

Japanese use robotic Lassie to pull victims from fires

Ok, so that big hulking autonomous vehicle pictured above looks nothing like little Timmy's bestest bud (except maybe in the later years, when he let the fame get to his head), but Lassie and this yellow Japanese firefighting bot do have one thing in common: no fear of charging into a burning building and pulling out the victims with their jaws or claws, respectively. From the looks of things, these humanitarian-tank-cum-playground-slides are controlled by a remote operator looking through that camera above the headlights -- which is definitely a good thing, because we don't really want robots pinching at us with their hydraulic fingers until machine vision has significantly improved. And of course, team this up with a hosebot, snakebot, or fire-snuffing flower, and you've just obviated the need for millions of firefighters worldwide, as well as crushed the hopes and dreams of countless small, career-minded children.

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Bling Stationery,oh yeah!

Bling up all the stationary at your desk, look different from your colleague’s one. Get one set of this Neiman Marcus Jeweled Desk Set. Pricing here, optical mouse for 80 bucks, tape dispenser for 89 bucks and staples for another 80 bucks. Ready to get a set?

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BLiNG Player

Check out this MP3 player called the Bling Player. Yeah, it’s a Bling Bling MP3 player. It comes along with chain and dogtag. This digital audio player support MP3 and MPEG-4 formats and it’s compatible with Vista, Windows 2000, XP or ME. It has 1.5″ screen with 65K color display and a 2GB memory that can store up to 30+ hours of music or 16+ hours of video. Other features include a built-in mic, USB 2.0 connectivity, 7 user chosen Equalizer settings, built-in voice recorder and Telbook portable address book function. The Bling Player will be available next month for 200 bucks.

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Saturday, March 17, 2007

$53 million in cash : The Most Beautiful Sight

Confiscated from a house in Mexico City. Presumably a drug lord's. What kind of sickos would want to keep $53 millions in cash?
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