Sunday, November 26, 2006

That thing Fergie's holding

Whenever i saw Fergie's video, Fergalicious I always wondered what she was holding. Is it a cellphone, mp3 player or some kinda prop they made out for the video. After searching high and low, here it is:
It's the super cool Samsung K5. A 4GB mp3 player that plays MP3 and WMA with build in stereo speakers. It also have DNSe,

With DNSe, Samsung’s proprietary Digital Natural Sound engine technology, the K5 offers virtual surround sound. This guarantees great volume, no distortion, and a more natural and accurate higher quality sound, even with just two small speakers. In addition, 5 modes of Preset EQ allow you to customize the sound experience to suit the style of music. These advanced music functions allow you to enjoy the same acoustic wow that you would hear from your home stereo.

Samsung K5
Oh yeah, you can download the video here.

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